Pug Babies  !!!!!

Sire:  A/C Ch. Perlin's Casper the Count  "Casper"
Dam:  A/C Ch. Liebenhaus Touched By An Angel  "Tess"

2 Boys ( Red and Black collars)
2 Girls (Purple and Orange Collars)

Born Sep 29, 2006


Day 1

Day 7 - Growing Like Weeds!!!
The boys share a Kodak moment with Mom

The Black Boy

The Red Boy
Orange Girl
Purple Girl
The Black Boy
The Red Boy
            The Boys - 5 weeks
*Red on left              * Black on right    
            The Girls - 5 Weeks
*Purple on left      *Orange on right

The Orange Girl

The Purple Girl
(Orange Girl)

(Purple Girl)

(Black Boy)
(Red Boy)